We are Flor do Sul and work with artesanal products that disseminate and support the breastfeeding and natural delivery. We are trying to inform and guide our clients to prevent all eventual problems that can happen on breastfeeding.

          The attention with the pregnant woman and the baby is one of the eight ways to change the world, and information is very important. Our products, on a different way, will teach and encourage you, showing breastfeeding and natural delivery. We want to aware everyone that is really important to breast-feed until sixth month. Then, you can use it as a complement of food until two years old or more.
          Our didactic material is used on many training courses to nurses, pregnancy women courses, professionals of pedagogy, psychology, pediatrics, therapists, Doulas, audiologists, dentists, obstetricians, nutritionists and so many other categories which supports that.

Our Products
Bibi doll

The doll who teaches you how to breast-feed!
Bibi is pregnant and had her baby by natural delivery and breast-feed gently.
They are handcraft, made in polyester and you can choose different ethnicities.
(about 30 cm)
We manufacture: ginger, blond, brunet, afro descendent, Japanese, Chinese and Indian. If you choose twins, there is an extra cost of: R$10,00 each. Babies will inherit mother’s characteristics!
(This doll was conceived by Amigas do Peito).

Celina doll

“Medium Bibi”:
 Doll made in cotton fabric (about 50 cm). Delivers by natural procedure. The baby has umbilical cord and is breast-feed.


Julia doll

 “Large Bibi”:
Doll made in cotton fabric (about 70 cm). Delivers by natural procedure. It’s good for groups. The baby is bigger and articulate, also breast-feed. It has placenta and umbilical cord which connects to his mother.
With Júlia you can work out the whole pregnancy such as mother’s nutrition, changes in the body, natural delivery and breast-feeding. 

Pregnant Doll - Patrícia – Real Size

Pregnant Doll real size. It simulates a pregnant mother in  labor.
Inside the belly a baby with placenta, stub and umbilical  cord. It is possible to teaches the measurement of uterus  and is ideal for pregnancy courses.

Breast in special cloth

Made in resistant fabric with natural size and color.

Has teaching purpose in the technique. Provides visual idea of breast-feeding procedure. It has nipple, areola, nodule and it allows working with different shapes of nipples, from milking beside the breast auto exam. The printed drawing, under the cover, allows a visual image of the mammary duct system in vibrant colors, artistically designed, based in medical literature. Specially adapt to teaching procedures and correct breast-feeding technique. 


Breasts and nipples: it’s a scale with six breasts made of cloth and crochet in regular size, to teach how to breast-feed with all kinds of nipples. It shows all different shapes: Protruding, Semi-Protruding, Twisted, Pseudo-Twisted, Plane and Normal.

Apron with breasts. or Milk Bank.

Apron with breasts – apron made with 100% cotton and breasts with cotton fabric. With our product, you can teach milking, massages and different positions. It has a embroidery pocket BREAST-FEEDING in patchwork.


 Baby has natural weigh and size, also has mouth. It is made of cotton and comes with disposable diapers to teach you how to care the baby. It has spine and can be used on Shantala massage.
When the mother feels the weigh, she can experience holding a real baby.
It has a hole on the mouth with the tongue where the Didactic Breast adapts perfectly showing the good touch, also it has disposable umbilical cord.
It’s good for pregnant course.
Eduarda doll shows all the caring with the newly borns. It has real size and weight, has spine and soft head to provide you an idea of a real baby. It has belly button stub, and comes with plastic diapers to change. At last, it comes with Didactic Breast for correct milking and breast-feeding techniques.
                                  It is available in female and male version. 

Puppet that teaches the right grab

Puppet which  presents the right suction that the baby might do for the right grab to avoid cracked niples. It is indicated for the training of pregnant and lactating.
The use is ideal with the Didactic Breast (not included).


 The uterus with baby has around 47 cm. It has disposable umbilical cord and separate it in three parts. Simulates a delivery, showing placenta and water (white tulle), amniotic water (blue tulle), cut cord and all cares of umbilical cord. Made with fabric and tulle.
   With uterus you can simulate the process of labor. It has a red cover to simulate de uterus, two fabrics in tulle (amniotic water and water). When you open it, the delivery starts: a baby with 47 cm tied in umbilical cord; it has quadrants in his head, indicating the roundabout he did when was born. As soon as you had the baby, you can breast-feed him (encouraging the first breast-feeding). After that, cut the umbilical cord to teach the cares with stub.


Belly with baby and breasts, it has real size and weigh: around 5 kgs.
Breasts have a different texture that simulates a real breast.
It’s good to inform all the future mothers how to process the labor. For example, teaching massages, Yoga, different positions.
Also the weigh help fathers understand how mother’s feel when pregnant.
Inside that, there is a baby with 46 cm and 2 kgs. It has spine, placenta, umbilical cord (you can separate in three parts). Stub, cord and belly button.
The delivery is natural. You can encourage the father or other company to be together at this time, to cut the umbilical cord.
New released with special offear - It is possible to present the pelvis labor.

Female Pelvis with the possibility to measure dilatation

Pelvis in fabric Flor do Sul with simulator cover. It is possible to show the dilatation process and show baby’s movement inside the belly. It is indicated to use along with the Uterus Product Flor do Sul!
Newly Born (uterus) is not included.

Pedagogical Family – Flor do Sul

Pedagogical Family Flor do Sul, with nine members: father, mother, son, daughter, uncle, aunt, grandfather and grandmother.
They are all sexed.

Size: Around 47 cm. All members are sexed.

Kit’s Flor do Sul

KIT 01 – Pregnancy, Delivery and all attentions with newborns.

Breast-feeding and natural delivery perfect kit for pregnancy courses. It comes with Júlia Doll, Uterus simulator, Breast Didactic and Eduarda Doll (the one with real size and weight + mouth to fit in Breast Didactic),

KIT 02 - Kit Breast-feeding and attentions with the newborn.

This kit comes with Eduarda Doll and Didactic Breast.

Eduarda doll demonstrates the cares with babies, it has real size and weight. Also has spine and soft head. The doll has stub on his belly button and comes with disposable diapers to teach you how to treat well the baby. Finally, it will have, also, a didactic breast to simulate the breast-feeding and milking.

KIT 03 – Visitor.

Kit Visitor
It’s good and convenient to carry on the bag of visitor or health person. Make things easier to explain and simulate the natural delivery and breast-feeding. Comes with Bibi Doll and one Didactic Breast.

KIT 04 - Preparing for breast-feeding and all attentions with the newborn.

Kit breast-feeding with baby
It’s good for lectures and special courses. It comes with a apron with breasts and an Eduarda Doll with 2,0 kg.

KIT 05 – Flor do Sul: Breast-feeding successfully.

Kit Pregnant Course – comes with:

Júlia Doll, Eduarda Doll, Didactic Breast, Uterus and a Apron with breasts. It’s good for teaching how to breast-feed to pregnant women.

KIT 06 - Flor do Sul: Pregnancy and breast-feeding successfully.

Comes with: JÚLIA Doll + EDUARDA Doll (Medium) + UTERUS + Didactic Breast + Apron with Breasts + Breasts and Nipples + Didactic Belly.
It’s good for Colleges, Technical courses and all areas that prepare people to work with pregnant women.
With this Didactic Belly you can show to all dad’s and health professionals that most of pregnants have real difficulties day by day, such as make bed, get up, sit…  And that’s all because of her big belly and some uncomfortable things of her pregnancy.
With Breasts and Nipples, if you are giving a course, for example, you will explain all different kinds of nipples and each pregnant will recognize herself, and might help her in one way.

KIT 07 –KIT SCHOOL: Friend of Breast-feeding.

Comes with: 02 Bibi doll, 01 Didactic Breast, 01 family with 5 member: mother, father, brother, sister and baby being breast-feeding + 02 mammals.
It’s perfect to teach all children about the meaning and significance of breastfeeding


It’s good to simulate the breast-feeding. It’s indicated to teach how the baby should move his mouth. Also at schools, children can do some activities and learn about sexual education.
Comes with: 01 Didactic breast with anatomy, 01 Puppet Baby and 01 Apron with Breasts.

Kit 09 – Kit Doula – Flor do Sul

Kit Doula contains: 01 Pelvis Flor do Sul, 01 Birth Simulator – Uterus: Baby with 47 cm made with cotton fabric. It has placenta, corium, anion, umbilical cord and a red cape that represents the uterus.

01 Didactic Breast: Breast has nodules, internal physiology, it is possible to show the inverted nipple. 01 Celina Doll: Pregnant Doll that simulates the natural procedure. Baby has umbilical cord and placenta. It is possible to present the baby’s first breast-feeding. 01 Bag: Ecological bag to carry the Kit Doula – Flor do Sul. It is written DOULA.

Kit 10 – Kit Nutri – Flor do Sul

Kit 10 - Kit Nutri Flor do Sul - Kit Nutitionist:  containing 01 Eduarda Doll, 01 Didactic Breast, 01 Apron with breasts and 01 Ecological Bag to carry the Kit Nutri – Flor do Sul. It is written NUTRITIONIST.

Kit 11 – Kit Labor Time – Flor do Sul 

Kit 11 – Labor Time – with dilatation process! Contain Complete Pelvis with dilatation process and uterus simulator with baby. 

Kit 12 – Kit Pregnant Full Course – Flor do Sul

The full kit comes with: Júlia Doll, Uterus, Eduarda Doll, Didactic Breast, Apron with breasts, Breast and Nipples, Didactic Belly and Pelvis with dilatation process.
It is ideal for pregnant’s course. This kit contains the main products of Flor do Sul.
O Kit acompanha os principais produtos da Flor do Sul.

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